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Free Traffic from Search Engines: 5 SEO Facts

If you want to start recruiting online, for your network marketing business, then you cannot afford to ignore the Biggest Name on the Internet – Google!

With Google you have the ability to send more traffic to your website than from anywhere else, and every single visitor is free.

Because Google can send you such a huge amount of visitors in such a short period of time, it’s important to look at what it takes to rank highly in search results.

This process is called Search Engine Optimization – SEO for short.

SEO can get very complex, because things can change so fast, but there are 5 basic proven tactics you can start using immediately to get your blog posts, articles, and website to rank higher in search results.

1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the most important of these 5 SEO Tactics, because it involves finding out exactly what people are searching for every day, and more importantly… what they’re not searching for. You don’t want to waste your time creating articles and blog posts if nobody will ever read them.

Google has created an excellent (and free) keyword research tool here:

2. Quality Backlinks

When Google has to decide, in a split-second, which websites to rank highest for any particular search, it takes many things into account – one of the most important factors being Backlinks.

A backlink is when another site links to your site. That would be one backlink for you. Google looks at how many backlinks you have, and how important the sites linking to you are, to determine how important it thinks your site is. And the more important a site is, the higher it ranks! So the key is to get as many backlinks as possible from high-quality websites.

3. Keyword-rich Page Titles

If you want people to find you for a certain keyword phrase, try and make sure you’ve included it in the page title! Think about what you see when you do a Google search for something – the top results almost always have your search terms in the page titles.

4. Anchor Text

When you link to pages on your site, or when other people do from their websites, the actual words that form the clickable link can positively affect your search engine rankings. So when creating links don’t just use the words “click here”, use the keywords you discovered in your keyword research.

5. Target Keywords Within Body Content

A lot of people get this step wrong. On the one hand you have people who never use the keywords they wish to rank for, and on the other hand you’ve got the people who use them so much it looks like spam. If you want to rank in Google for a certain keyword or phrase, make sure you include it in the main content of your page. Make it fit naturally, and don’t just make a list of keywords, and don’t forget… don’t target too many keywords on any one page. Keep it focused!

GOOD NEWS: Your competitors don’t know this stuff!

According to a report by dotSEO, only 25% of marketers know anything about SEO. This immediately disqualifies three quarters of your competitors! It also now puts you in that top 25%!

The report by dotSEO also says that only 14% implement their SEO knowledge, and 60% don’t currently invest in SEO at all.

This is by no means the end of your SEO education, but with what you already know you are probably able to take on most of your competitors. Your business can grow online, recruiting for you, while you handle other more important tasks – like training your new team members to duplicate your success.

FACT: Forum Marketing Gets Connections + Results

Your MLM business grows from one thing, and one thing only. Connecting with real people. If your ideal recruits don’t think a real and helpful person is on the other end of your website or business card, then they are NOT leads.

Your challenge in Network Marketing is to foster as many real connections with as many people as possible, every day. There are many ways to accomplish this, but the simplest way is to go where the people are and join in with the community.

For this, we turn to Online Forums.

The internet is the largest gathering of people in the history of mankind. People read. They watch. They shop. They talk. They talk with friends. They talk with people they’ve never met. And they find other people who share their goals and dreams.

An Online Forum is an online discussion site where users can post messages on a public message board, and other users can read and respond. It’s one of the oldest uses of the internet.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of forums for your specific niche. Your marketing strategy is simple. Join a popular forum, set your signature link, and introduce yourself. Offer your opinions and advice, and get to know the other members.

An online forum allows you to grow your reputation one post at a time. Become well-known! You don’t need to write a book, and you don’t need to make a debut on television. You simply give advice, and thank people for their contributions.

Under every post you make will be your ‘Forum Signature’ – a link to your website, along with a short description. The people in the discussion with you will see it, and so will all the people who find the forum page through searches through Google in the future.

Both the regular visitors and future search engine visitors will see you as a real, helpful, and caring person who clearly has expertise to share. This is the ideal ‘brand’ you want to build online, so being able to accomplish this one comment at a time, over many months, is perfect for the spare-time nature of MLM business building. Perfect for you and your team!

How to Find Relevant Niche Forums

Finding a forum to fit your topic is simple. Google! You will find thousands of results, but remember the top result may not always be the best option. Join a few different forums and see which you like the best, or of course become an active member in several.

To start right now, just search for Your Keywords + Forum. You’ll find many options, and will open your business up to thousands of new people!

Traffic Exchanges – Do They Work For You?

Traffic exchanges are a very simple means of driving traffic to a website.

Being in a traffic exchange is like being in a club. You surf, using a specially designed “surf bar” unique to the traffic exchange in question, and view the other club member’s websites. Every time you view a website you get a credit, or a point, and these are exchanged for visitors who view your website. Normally there is a “ratio” involved and – for free members – it is often one return visitor for every two websites that you view.

Most exchanges are free to join but many have a “pro upgrade” option where you can get a better view/return view ratio (say 1:1) for a monthly fee, typically a few dollars a month. The large majority of members in the typical exchange are free members.

Traffic exchanges are much maligned – there are many who will tell you that they don’t work. One of the main reasons cited for this is the fact that most of the traffic exchange members are members of the exchange primarily because they are already promoting a business opportunity or product of their own.

Whilst this is almost certainly true it does not necessarily mean that they will not be interested in what you are promoting. If you are offering either an informational product or any kind of tool which could be used to enhance an already existing business then the members of traffic exchanges could very well be an excellent target market for you.

For example, if you have an e-zine newsletter aimed at online marketers, then traffic exchanges could offer you very rich pickings indeed.

One of the most common mistakes is to sign up for an affiliate scheme and then use the standard website that comes with the program on traffic exchanges. This is a waste of time as the exchange members will not have enough time to view the typical information rich affiliate website. It is also likely that there will be several others promoting the exact same website on any given exchange – so your site will blend in to the background and will have little, if any, impact.

However, just by following the guidelines below you can use traffic exchanges to build your opt-in list and then follow up later with your affiliate offerings.

1. Don’t use the standard page that came with your affiliate programme.
It has too much information and will confuse viewers.
There are probably many other people advertising this page.

2. Use a specially designed gateway page unique to you.
Keep it clean and uncluttered
Focus on benefits.
Five or six bullet points only.
Stand out from the crowd.
Here’s an example of a page I have made.

3. Use a pop-up or pop-in for emphasis.

4. Give away a free bonus for signing up.
A free e-book.
A free report.
A free newsletter.

5. Collect e-mail addresses for follow up.
Feed them into an autoresponder.
Put them into your newsletter list.

6. Customise your gateway page for the exchange you’re using.
Have a special message for your visitor –
Sweeva user bonus….”
List Surfing bonus…”

7. Monitor your results and don’t waste time with exchanges that don’t deliver.

8. Don’t persevere with an unproductive campaign for too long. Let your campaign run for 4 weeks max and then experiment if you aren’t seeing results.

9. Advertise on a number of different exchanges to ensure a wide range of visitors.

Don’t waste hours every day clicking on traffic exchanges – they are only one method for growing your list and you should be using a number of different techniques. However, using the above rules, it should be possible to achieve double digit signups to your opt-in list or newsletter on a daily basis.

Take a look at some of the Traffic Exchanges I’m using.

Go Handsfree: Build Your Very Own Autoresponder Robot To Recruit 24/7

Imagine having the power to deliver your recruiting pitch absolutely perfectly, to hundreds of people every day, while you have a relaxing time off…

Building a successful network marketing business comes down to 2 things. Having a convincing message to share, and sharing it with a lot of people. If you share your message, and keep at it, you will build a big business over time. That’s the traditional route. You share your message by meeting people, handing out business cards, talking to friends, putting adverts in windows, and cold calling.

But you can build your business on this Normal Track, or the Fast Track. Which would you prefer?

To speed things up, you can perfect your message and start sharing it with hundreds more people per day. This is what EMAIL MARKETING AUTOMATION can do for your business. It could put you on the Fast Track, allowing you to multiply the number of prospects you can reach.

The power of email marketing automation will multiply your time and effort, allowing you to sort through potential recruits to find only those with the right amount of drive and ambition, who are ready to get started.

And email autoresponder allows you to schedule emails to be delivered to your prospects at regular intervals. They sign up for More Information on your website or blog, and start receiving your recruiting emails over the coming days and weeks. Make sure your messages are convincing, telling them everything they need to know about your company, the opportunity, and the products. You can make them see how your opportunity will improve their life and move them toward financial freedom.

The bottom of every email will be your phone number, so they can call you when the time is right for them. It might be weeks or months before they are in the right frame of mind to consider a part-time business, but you will always be there on their mind. And if they want to stop receiving your mailings they can unsubscribe with one click, at any time.

It’s the perfect recruiting system. Your pitch gets delivered word-perfect every time, without the usual Umms and Ahhs you might fumble with, and everything gets presented in the correct order.

~ How To Set Up Your Autoresponder

Most network marketers build their mailing lists with AWeber. It’s the most popular autoresponder tool currently available, and has better features than other tools that cost 10x the amount. The cost is roughly $19 a month, which will allow you to create many many more productive hours each and every day. For less than $1 per day you have the full power of a pitch-perfect online sales robot working tirelessly to build your business. You just need to get it set up.
Try AWeber today for only $1 your first month!

A large part of building a strong team is teaching them how to duplicate your own success, and scale it up to many thousands of people. Email Marketing creates this system for you perfectly, and leaves your whole team with more time to generating enquiries and training their own teams. It’s duplication at its finest!

Harnessing LinkedIn Traffic to Grow Your MLM Business

LinkedIn is the online home of your ideal MLM prospects. LinkedIn is like Facebook for business people, and attracts serious members who are interested in expanding their business network and growing their income.

LinkedIn is free to join, and is used by over 100 million men and women around the world. You can reconnect with old friends and colleagues, and promote your profile to make new connections. Join groups, ask questions, and share advice. You can also feed your blog posts and twitter and facebook status updates into your LinkedIn profile, so you have the ability to stay active on the site by doing much of what you already do online.

If that isn’t reason enough to get started, here are the top benefits of creating your LinkedIn profile for your MLM business today:

1. Reputation Building. Your LinkedIn profile lists your business successes, without you having to feel like you’re showing off. Link to your website unashamedly. And the best of all… LinkedIn has a built in referral and recommendation system that allows users to recommend other users. Just like you can post book reviews on Amazon, you can review your LinkedIn connections and they can review you. So once you’ve signed up and crafted your professional profile, take a few hours to post reviews and endorsements for people you’ve worked with or who have helped you in the past. Not only will you then feature on their profile and have greater social value by association, but they will also be more likely to endorse you too.

2. Google Ranking. Your LinkedIn profile can generate leads and promote your reputation and business not just inside LinkedIn but also on Google. LinkedIn pages rank very highly in Google search results when searching for somebody’s name. If someone is on LinkedIn and you’re “Googling” their name you will likely find their profile, and the same will work for you. When potential prospects search for information about you they will find not only your Twitter page, Facebook page, blog, website, but also your LinkedIn profile. So make sure you’re showing the best side of yourself, because your online profiles will be seen by many of the right people.

3. Your Competition. Your competition is already on LinkedIn. They are making friends with your prospects, and they are beating you to the punch. They are growing their downlines while you are just watching it happen.

Rightly or wrongly, people will be making judgements about you and your business abilities based on your profile. To be certain of the best first impression, make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors, make sure your profile photo is professional yet friendly, and make sure you list all your business achievements and previous positions you’ve held.

LinkedIn can be such a powerful recruiting tool, so the worst thing you can do is ignore it entirely.

Sign up, reach out, make personal contacts, and get new recruits!

Facebook Marketing for MLM Leads

Facebook is the largest community online, with over 500 MILLION users. This puts it at almost twice the size of the United States of America. If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world, behind only China and India. It is a force to be reckoned with, and simply cannot be ignored.

It especially cannot be ignored if you have a business to build and products to sell and people to recruit. Facebook is an essential tool for a network marketer using the internet to grow their business.

The very first thing you need to do, if you haven’t done so already, is to join Facebook. Go and do it now. It’s where all the cool people are. Create your profile using your real name and photo, and fill in your real likes and interests.
Next, head over to and create a fan page for your business. A fan Page allows you to showcase your photos, links, and products, while getting people to “Become a Fan”.

Your Facebook fan page serves many purposes, from ranking in search engine results when people are researching you or your business, to displaying your Total Fan Count on your website for popularity, to reaching your potential recruits on itself.
Facebook fan pages are so powerful for marketing because when someone clicks “Like” on your page, all their friends see it. It’s not a secret act. It’s fully public to all the people they know, like and trust. This gives you an endorsement to hundreds of people every time a person joins your fan page. These are people you would never have reached otherwise, and wouldn’t with any other online marketing method. This is why it’s important not only to reach the right people, but to simply reach lots of people. Because you never know who they know!

Steve Brazell, in Visibility Magazine (Spring 2011), says “people “liking” something on Facebook has more to do with how others perceive them than just a matter of preference.”
Nobody will want to become a fan and tell all their friends that they’re a fan of just any company if it’s not an established brand. People become fans of pages that tell their friends something about them as a person.
Steve goes on to say:
“If you’re not a large established brand, you may want to consider making your Facebook title a little broader, so you can become an attribute people wish to share about themselves. We call it “promoting the category” rather than just spotlighting your small piece in the category.”

So instead of making your page title “Lisa’s Cupcake Shop in the Village”, make it “I Love Cupcakes!”. You’ll get far more fans that way. So make your page title something people will want to put their name to and declare to all their friends.
If you are recruiting people for your home business, here are some ideas:
• I have the worst boss in the world!
• I hate my boss!
• I have the worst job EVER
• My job is worse than your job
• If I was invisible for a day I’d go to work and slap my boss
Every one of these groups will likely get you more leads than a title like “XYZ Home Business Company”. So put on your thinking cap and come up with some ideas that match your target market.

Facebook is remarkable in that it has so many users registered, on a public site, using their real names. Think about it… MySpace before it didn’t work that way, and that’s what made it so difficult to connect with the people you know in real life. Facebook has millions of people entering in their real names to be published online, along with photos and contact information. It’s simply amazing. And it’s amazing for your business too… if you use the site to its full potential.

What you have is access to millions of people comfortable with publishing their names, their likes and dislikes, and even their current location. If you can get these people to opt in to your page or website or newsletter, you will have permission to contact them further. While it could mean they click “Like” on your Fan Page, it could also mean they have added you as a friend, or it could mean they visited your website and filled in a form with their name and email address. As soon as a person has “opted in” in any way, thus registering their interest in what you have to offer, they are your lead and you should treat them as such.

Your new Fan Page is not the end. In fact it’s only the beginning. You have dozens of different ways to generate leads on Facebook. So dive right in, start making connections, and grow your business within the largest internet community in history.
You simply cannot put it off any longer!

Empire Avenue – The Social Media Exchange

Have you heard about Empire Avenue?
If not, please read on!

Empire Avenue is a social media exchange. Some people like to call it a “game”, but it’s so much more. You can buy and sell shares in friends and family or meet new people to invest in. Your shares will go up or down based on your activity on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, YouTube, Flickr and Empire Avenue. The most important thing is how easily you can connect with new people. I’m getting a lot of new followers on my social sites, and even new subscribers to my business list. You can also list your blog, and get lots of new visitors. I think it’s worth trying out, but be warned, it’s very addictive! ;-)

Join Empire Avenue for free, and get 2,000 shares to start.

Network Marketing Strategies


Network marketing is a great way to help your business grow into the vision of success you have for it. There are several important network marketing tips that every business owner should know in order to achieve this vision. This article will discuss the top ten most important network marketing strategies that have proven to be effective by their application with many successful business marketers today.

Tip #1: Keep a set schedule with specific time allotted to your business. It’s important to invest as much time as you can when the business is first starting out because this will help it get going and allow you to do less work once it’s already rolling. Try to make your business a priority. This might mean sacrificing time for other important things in your life, but remember, it’s just for a short period of time.

Tip #2: Set a plan for your business finances on both small and large scales. You want to make sure you are prepared when your business begins to grow so you don’t end up squandering money on bad investments. Try to put as much money as possible into the business since this will ensure it will stay on a positive track. Making a lot of money is always going to require a sacrifice and investment on your own part to get the business going.

Tip #3: Learn from your experiences in business. There is always more to learn when it comes to network marketing and it’s important to consider every business mistake as a learning experience you can benefit from in the future. Learning from your mistakes is perhaps one of the most important network marketing tips you can get that can apply to all areas of life as well.

Tip #4: Be patient. Study patterns in business flow and have a back-up plan during the slower periods. For example, most businesses tend to be especially busy in the Christmas season and hit a lull in early spring. Have a good amount of money in the bank to keep the business afloat during the less busy seasons to ensure your business will make it to a busier time.

Tip #5: Be sure to do as much research as possible before you invest in any product or service for your business. Essentially all business investments are going to be risky, but researching ahead of time can drastically reduce this risk. A good way to determine whether the risk is good or bad is to discuss with the parent company of the product or service to see if they are in good standing and experiencing a growth in sales.

Tip #6: Determine how accessible your company’s upline is. Customers should be able to get a hold of your company at all hours of the day, either through e-mail or the phone. Try to look at the situation from the perspective of your downline to make the best decisions about your own availability.

Tip #7: Follow up on leads. Every lead and recruit you get should be followed up on in the best way possible. It is up to your personal discretion to decide exactly how this should be executed, so try and make the best judgment calls for each individual lead.

Tip #8: Study successful network marketing businesses and follow in their footsteps. It may seem like cheating, but studying how other conduct their network marketing businesses can help yours a great deal.

Tip #9: Make sure you are stabilized before making drastic decisions. If you already have a job but would ideally like to work full time at your new business, don’t quit until your new business has proven to be successful enough to support you as much or more than your previous job. The same idea should be applied to big business investments.

Tip #10: Keep generating leads at every opportunity. Part of what helps your business grow to success is the amount of successful leads you have. The more successful leads you have, the more successful your business becomes.

About the Author: Diane Johnson graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in political science. When she’s not traveling she enjoys writing articles about university of phoenix programs, reading books and shopping.

Blogs Turn Searchers into MLM Leads

Running a blog for your MLM business is a great way to generate recruiting leads.
A blog is your funnel to drive people to buy your product or service.

The power of a blog is in its ability to draw visitors from multiple sources.
Just by posting to your blog you can:

• Grow your Opt-In Email list
• Rank highly and quickly in Google search results
• Maintain an active Twitter profile, automatically
• Import all posts into Facebook to stay active, automatically
• Build a blog subscriber-base
• Start conversations with your ideal customers
• (And increase your sales, of course!)

Not only can blogging be great fun, but it can also reduce your advertising costs down to zero.
Your blog is your public area to provide useful and timely information to both your new and existing audience, and prove your expertise to your target market by becoming a trusted advisor. In a time when advertising from big firms is impersonal and well-funded, this is your chance to cut through the clutter and connect directly with consumers and prospects.

A blog is essentially an online diary, but you have complete control over what you publish and when. Your newest posts show up at the top of the page and push all others down. Everything is stored online in chronological order, and can also be organised by categories and keywords for easy navigation.

It’s your blog, so you can write about whatever you want, from what your marketing strategy is, to your business successes, to your recruiting messages, to your team achievements.

A big part of your online marketing strategy should be a consideration of how you are seen through the eyes of Google. When you talk to a prospect, either online or offline, I can guarantee that they will search for your name in a search engine. If they will be partnering up with you, or joining your team, or even just buying your products, they will want to know who you are. They will want to know what people say about you online, they will want to know what your website is like, they will want to see what articles and posts you’ve written and published, and they will even try to find you on Facebook and Twitter.

When people are researching your business opportunity you want to make sure they not only find you, but find you to be an expert.
Share your story. Share your advice. And grow your business!

Using Twitter For Lead Generation

Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a network marketer’s dream. They are seemingly ready-made for spreading a message through a network of people. Friends and family networks are already in place, and people are used to sharing and spreading information they find interesting. Almost any user has an instant audience of hundreds of people, and can potentially reach thousands all around the world within minutes.

If you are serious about growing your Network Marketing business online you need to use these websites to their full potential, and you need to make the best use of your time.

You need to go where the crowds are. You need to go where you can broadcast your message to thousands of people at once. And you need to go where you don’t ever have to pay a penny to advertise your business!

Twitter is the latest social networking success story, and is now used by millions of people. It’s used by local businesses, and even big corporations. It’s used by the woman who lives next door to you, and even Paris Hilton. And it’s even used by the President of the United States. Ignoring the site is no longer an option. It’s simply become too important and too popular.

Twitter is a “micro blogging” service which allows you to connect with people all over the world in real-time and share short public messages with each other. Instead of being forced to publish massive blog posts every time you want to share something or make a point, you can instead post Twitter messages no longer than 140 characters and spend no longer than 3 minutes a day doing it.
Twitter is a great solution to a problem we all have. We want instant communication, we want to be heard, and we don’t have a lot of time spare every day for complex marketing strategies. Twitter goes with you in your pocket, on any cell phone that can send SMS messages and every internet enabled device, and lets you broadcast your thoughts on a whim to thousands of people.

Businesses are using Twitter to reach new and existing customers online, and to increase traffic to their websites. If you succeed in sharing relevant “tweets” (public twitter messages), and increasing your list of followers, you will be able to start directing people off twitter and into your lead generation process.
• Maybe you want them to subscribe to your blog
• Or sign up to your email list
• Or maybe you want them to call you on the phone
• Or add you on Skype
• Or simply go straight to the sign up form for your business opportunity
• Your Twitter marketing strategy can achieve all these goals and more.
I hope you’re ready to take your first step into the world of micro blogging!

Your first step in using Twitter is to set up your profile. Go to Twitter now and sign up if you haven’t done so already, and fill in each piece of information they ask for. Write a short and interesting bio, add your website link, and upload a photo of yourself.

Your next step is to spend time customizing the colors and background. You could use a tiled pattern, or you could even create a custom Twitter background containing your website name and logo, and a short message from you. A custom twitter background will be the most memorable and interesting option, so I’d recommend creating something unique to you. You can search Google for Custom Twitter Backgrounds to find many sites with both paid and DIY options.

What you’ve got to remember when posting Twitter updates is that the people following you are doing so because they find what you post interesting. Nobody wants to follow someone who posts nothing but sales messages all day long, so make sure you inject a good mix of content.

Post photos from your phone or from your Flickr profile, link to interesting websites and news stories, share messages that allow your personality to shine through. In short: Don’t be afraid to link to your blog posts and recruiting website, but don’t make it all you do.

The quickest way to grow your list of followers is to make the first move and start following your target people yourself, because many will follow you back either automatically almost straight away, or manually within a few days. You can always unfollow whoever doesn’t follow you back, so you will end up building yourself a large reciprocal following in a fairly short space of time.
You can find the right people to follow, based on what they are “tweeting” about, by using the Twitter Search Engine at

Success on Twitter depends on how well you can reach targeted followers.
Get more followers, get them to your website or blog or email newsletter, and then treat them just like every other lead in your recruiting funnel. You might never have to pay for an online ad again!
Follow me on Twitter!